Korean Academy of Endodontics
2013 APEC

Country Report of KAE (2009~2010)
(Korean Academy of Endodontics)

1. Officers of KAE (2010.3. - 2012. 3.)
President : Tae-Seok Oh, Immediate Past President: Chan-Ui Hong, President-elect: Ho-Keel Hwang , Vice President: Sung-Kyo Kim, Seung-Ho Baek, Secretary: Il-Young Jung, Director of Scientific Affair: Hyun-Cheol Kim, Treasurer: Sang-Hyuk Park, Director of Public Relations : Dong-Sung Park, Director of International Affairs : Jin-Woo Kim, Editorial Director : Kyung-San Min, Director of Planning: Su-Jung Shin, Director of Public Information: Woo-Cheol Lee, Director of Continuing Educations: Sung-Baek Choi, Sung-Ho La, Director of Information and communications: Seok-Woo Chang, Director of Insurance Affairs: Mi-Ri Kim, Director of Specialty Program: Ui-Sung, Kim, Advisor: Su-Han Yoon, Sung-Sam Lim, Ho-Yong Choi, Wook-hwan Choi, Sung-Geun Choi, Kwang-Shik Bae, Seung-Jong Lee, Auditor: Gi-Woon Choi

2. Annual General Assembly Meeting
Annual General Assemblies Meetings were held in Seoul on March 29th 2009 and in Busan on March 27th 2010. Academy's annual budget, strategic plans, elections and overall schedule were approved.

3. Executive Meetings
The executive meetings were held four times in each year to discuss academic activities, strategic plans, annual budget and other agenda.

4. Scientific Meetings
(1) 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting (38th) of KAE
Annual Scientific meeting was held at the Seoul National Univ. Dental Hospital (Main Hall) on March 29th, 2009 with more than 250 attendees. This year the meeting was prepared to the direction of focusing on the needs of general practitioners. Special lectures consisted of two parts: 'Past, Present and Future of MTA (Speaker: Prof. MR Kim at Asan Medical Center)', 'Operating microscope in clinical endodontics and endodontic retreatment/ Instrumentation and obturation techniques of the root canal system (Speaker: Dr. F Maggiore at Private Practice in Germany). In the afternoon session, four endodontists who works at private practices participated in panel discussion under the title: 'Selection of Ni-Ti Rotary File Systems'. They presented their preferred systems and discussed cons and pros of each Ni-Ti file as well as clinical tips.

(2) 2009 Korea Endo Forum (9th)
Korea Endo Forum has been known as one of essential symposiums for general dentists who are eager to develop their endodontic knowledge and skills for past several years. The 9th Korea Endo Forum sponsored by Dentsply Korea was held at COEX, Seoul on Sep. 13th 2009. The main topics were 'the management of apical 1/3' (Speaker: Dr. Webber at University of T?bingen, UK), 'Clinical use of MTA' (Speaker: Prof. WC Lee at Seoul National Univ.), 'Root canal obturation' (Speaker: Prof. SK Kim at Kyungpook National Univ.), 'Apex locator' (Speaker : Prof. SJ Lee at Yonsei Univ.), and 'Root canal disinfection' (Speaker: Prof. KY Kum at Seoul National Univ.). 230 dentists participated in the forum.

(3) 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting (39th) of KAE
Annual Scientific Meeting was held in conjunction with the 8th Joint Scientific Meeting between KAE and JEA at BEXCO, Busan on 27th. Mar 2010. Special lectures consisted of three parts: 'The root canal preparation with the M two system: the simultaneous technique' (Speaker: Dr. Antonio Malagnino at University of Chieti, Italy) 'Endo vs. single implant' (Speaker: Prof. Syngcuk Kim at University of Pennsylvania, USA), and 'Materials and new technique of microscopic endodontics' (Speaker: Prof. Kanichi Nakagawa at Tokyo Dental College, Japan). In addition, the lectures on current issues ("MTA: Myths & Facts") were provided by Prof. Yong-Bum Cho (Dankook Univ.) and Prof. Kyung-San Min (Wonkwang Univ.) Another current issue ("How big the apical size should be?") was addressed by Prof. Hyeon-Cheol Kim (Pusan National Univ.) and Prof. Sang-Hyuk Park (Kyung-Hee Univ.) The Panel discussions was followed on "Useful Clinical Tips for Endodontic Practices" by three endodontists who are in private practice (Drs. Sung-Ho La, Sung-Baek Choi, and Dong-Ryul Shin).

(4) 2010 Korea Endo Forum (10th)
The 10th Korea Endo Forum sponsored by Dentsply Korea was held at Samsung Medical Center, Seoul on Dec. 5th 2010. General title was 'Retreatment' and passionate young generation of professors and endodontic specialists were invited for lectures. The main topic was "Consideration on retreatment" (Speaker: Prof. Jin-Woo Kim at Kangnung Wonju Univ.), "Practical re-treatment part I" (Speaker: Prof. Hyeon-Cheol Kim at Pusan National Univ.), "Practical re-treatment part II" (Speaker: Dr. Sung-Beak Choi, private practice), and "Surgical re-treatment" (Speaker: Prof. Ui-Sung Kim at Yonsei Univ.). About 150 dentists participated in the forum.

(5) Future Scientific Meetings
2011 Annual Scientific Meeting (40th) of KAE will be held at COEX, Seoul on Mar 27th 2011.
2011 Korea Endo Forum (11th) will be held in Seoul in the autumn in 2011.

5. Journal (The Journal of Korean Academy of Endodontics: JKAE)
The Journal of the Korean Academy of Endodontics is published two times a year. The Journal includes original and review articles. JKAE of Vol 11 No 2 issue was published in November 2010.

6. International Relations
(1) APEC
KAE is a member of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC).
KAE Councillor of APEC is Prof. Seung Ho Baek (shbaek@snu.ac.kr)
Current President-elect of APEC is Prof. Sung Kyo Kim of KAE (skykim@knu.ac.kr)

(2) IFEA
KAE is a member of the International Federation of Endodontic Associations (IFEA).
Current Secretary of IFEA is Prof. Sung Kyo Kim of KAE (skykim@knu.ac.kr)

(3) JEA
  1) We entered into an agreement for academic exchange with the Japan Endodontic Association (JEA) on 6th July, 2003.
  2) The 7th Joint Scientific Meeting between KAE and JEA was held in conjunction with the Biennial Scientific Meeting of APEC in Tokyo, Japan in April 24th 2009.
  3) The 8th Joint Scientific Meeting with JEA was held in conjunction with the Spring Scientific Meeting of KAE at BEXCO, Busan, Korea in Mar 27th 2010.
  4) The 9th Joint Scientific Meeting between JEA and KAE will be held in Nagasaki, Japan on 30th~31st July 2011.

(4) International Contact
Prof. Jin-Woo Kim (Email: mendo7@kangnung.ac.kr)

7. Members
The Academy has 350 members as of 31st December 2010.

8. Website